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New Webinar on March 12: Strategies for Illinois Schools to Get SOPPA Compliant Before the Deadline

Join us for this exciting new webinar…

The Final Countdown: Strategies for Illinois Schools to Get SOPPA Compliant Before the Deadline

Presented by Datamation and Tressler LLP

Thursday, March 12, 2020

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CT

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Webinar Description

While data breaches are starting to become an accepted part of life, the public is not willing to accept breaches involving minors’ personal information. In particular, recent breaches at educational publisher Pearson and other vendors have put a priority on keeping student personal information secure. Illinois has taken the lead in privacy law by adopting the Student Online Personal Protection Act (“SOPPA”) to protect student personal information.  SOPPA is a unique privacy law in that compliance is mandatory and it places a number of objective requirements on public and private schools. This law requires Illinois schools to monitor the security measures taken by third parties entrusted with student data. This engaging presentation will address the requirements under SOPPA, including the July 1, 2021 compliance deadline.

About the Presenter: Todd Rowe, Attorney at Tressler LLP

Todd Rowe [2] is an award-winning privacy and cyberliability attorney located in Chicago, IL. He is ready to help you meet the SOPPA deadline. Tressler LLP attorneys are known for providing responsive, friendly and cost-effective legal services. Our team can offer custom, flat-rate or project-based pricing to ensure that we meet your budget and exceed your expectations. Learn more at www.tresslerllp.com/soppa [3], or contact Todd at trowe@tresslerllp.com [4] for a free consultation.