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Emerging Privacy Issues In Discovery Of Social Media

By Danita L. Davis Sudac Individuals’ willingness to share detailed accounts of their lives on social media sites, such as Facebook, has created an unparalleled source of evidence for lawyers seeking discovery.   There is little question that social media evidence… Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Gloves Come Off in Data Breach Standing Case

While we have seen defendants in data breach cases argue that plaintiffs were not injured and therefore lack standing to bring suit, litigants in a recent data breach case have directly addressed issues some litigants have previously danced around. On August… Continue Reading →

Insurance Implications of Recent Federal Government Data Breaches

Last week, the Obama Administration announced one of the largest breaches ever of federal employees’ data. This latest breach, involving records of nearly four million current and former government workers, originated in China. There are reports that this breach may have… Continue Reading →

Modification of Data Breach Laws Directly Impacts Insurers and Insureds

We have previously reported on other states, including California and New Jersey, strengthening their data breach notification laws. Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, is now proposing similar steps be taken in Illinois. In support of her attempt to modify the 2005 law, Madigan stated: “In… Continue Reading →

Another Court Dismisses Data Breach Class Action on 12(b)(1) Standing Grounds

In a case of first impression within the Fifth Circuit, a district court has dismissed a putative class action complaint brought after a data breach against one of the larger health organizations operating in California and Texas. In Peters v. St…. Continue Reading →

Apple Watch Poses a Number of New Privacy Risks

Apple unveiled its first “smartwatch” on September 9, 2014 and it will be available to the public in early 2015. It is widely reported that, in order for the Apple Watch to be a success, Apple will need to partner with health… Continue Reading →

Class Action Alleges Breach of Data for 4.5 Million Patients

Patients of Community Health Systems filed a Complaint initiating a class action in the Northern District of Alabama against the hospital system on August 20, 2014. The class action arises out of the breach of an estimated 4.5 million patients’ protected data…. Continue Reading →

District Court Analyzes Requirements to Establish Standing For Data Breach Cases

In finding plaintiffs lacked standing to bring an action for a data breach, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia held the “increased likelihood” of personal information being used was insufficient to establish a viable cause of action. In… Continue Reading →

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